3 Things Local Plumbers in Temecula Will Tell You Should Never Be Flushed

by | Jun 23, 2015 | Plumbing


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To the casual observer, a toilet looks like it would be the perfect disposal device, and for human urine, fecal matter, and toilet paper, this is entirely true. However, the toilet is not an end-all disposal device, as it is both vulnerable to blockages and leads directly to the sewer systems. To make life easier for both you and your Local Plumbers in Temecula, here are a few things that you should never flush.

Anything That Will Cause a Blockage

It is remarkably easy to cause a clog in the drainage of a toilet. Take, for example, tissues, paper towels, and moist wipes for adults or children. Despite their thin and flexible nature, they are heavily prone to not breaking down in water and sticking to the walls of the pipes. Likewise, fats, oil, and grease from cooking congeal into a waxy deposit the minute they hit the cooler surface of the drainage, which causes all kinds of problems. Band-aids and diapers contain special plastics that resist water and expand when wet, thus making them a disaster in the pipes.

Things Brimming with Harmful Toxins

Blockages are not the only problem that the sewer system faces. As it eventually makes it back into the water system, after being treated to eliminate the human waste, you should never put anything that has toxins or chemicals into the toilet water. Prescription meds, for example, can be incredibly harmful to the treatment procedures, as can the toxins in cigarette butts and even kitty litter.

Articles That Will Only Make Existing Problems Worse Than They Already Are

While not inherently dangerous in themselves, there are certain articles that can amplify the blockage caused by other items. Human hair or dental floss, for example, will wrap around existing particles and bind them together in a giant mess that is sure to cause a problem somewhere down the line. Condoms, tampons, or pads also expand and can cause all kinds of havoc in the plumbing.

Life is simpler with fewer problems, so do not flush any of these items down your toilet. If you do find yourself with a blockage, then consult The Plumbing Company You Should Called First, where you can find the best Local Plumbers in Temecula.

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