Air Conditioning In San Marcos TX – Reduce The Cost Of Energy Bills With Regular AC Maintenance

The time when a lot of people get a repair or a replacement for air conditioning in San Marcos TX will be when they realize that the price of energy bills has soared. The economic recession has led to many people cutting back on the use of many devices, including air conditioning in San Marcos TX. While you could stop using your AC system a few days a week, this can be quite difficult in the winter and summer months, which is the time when an appliance like this is required the most. Therefore, it is worthwhile focusing on certain elements of maintenance for air conditioning in San Marcos TX to stop the device from struggling.

Air Conditioning In San Marcos TX – Coils

There are two main parts of air conditioning in San Marcos TX to focus on when completing maintenance examinations. The first component of air conditioning will be the coils. Coils are necessary for evaporating the refrigerant, which is what provides the heating and cooling we rely on so much. Over time, coils can gather dirt, dust and debris. Especially if you have an exterior AC system, roots, weeds and other plants can obstruct the coils. Air flow is reduced if the coils are blocked, so an annual clean will be a good idea. Remove any foliage from the air conditioning and try to prevent the possibility of problems, by cleaning the surrounding area.

Air Conditioning In San Marcos TX – Filters

The other important component on air conditioning will be filters. Filters should ideally be cleaned every few months, so that the air conditioning performs to its best potential. Filters will be fitted in different places, based on what system you possess. Commonly, you can find these parts on ceilings, furnaces, walls and built inside the AC device. Energy consumption will minimize by as much as 15% when you change filters and during the cooling season, filters for air conditioning must be cleaned regularly, because dust and pet fur will increase during this time.

Air Conditioning In San Marcos TX – Preparations

Apart from cleaning the filters and coils on air conditioning, other preparations should take place. This is especially important in winter and you should prepare the air conditioning in San Marcos TX by shielding an exterior unit from harmful weather conditions. You can do this by placing a sheet or box over the appliance. Also, try inspecting the seals fitted around every AC system to ensure that moisture does not cause air to escape and energy to be wasted. Other ways to prepare the air conditioning will be to condensate the drains and to fin comb the coil fins.

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