Aluminum Building Products in Glassboro, NJ Offer Numerous Benefits

Aluminum has been associated with the building industry for almost a century, since the early 1920s. As new architectural trends developed during the 1920s and 1930s, aluminum became a popular metal for use in such diverse areas as roofing, paneling, and flashing.

The Empire State Building, completed in the early 1930s, was the first major building to make wide use of aluminum products. Today Aluminum Building Products in Glassboro NJ provided by South Jersey Glass & Door are still in demand for several reasons, ranging from their appearance to their environmental sustainability.

Aluminum offers architectural advantages

Aluminum, first used for its architectural features, still provides those features today. Aluminum colors and styles can be easily manufactured to match existing building components. Windows, doors, and framing systems for new buildings can be constructed of extruded aluminum in specific designs that might not be possible using other metals. Aluminum’s lighter weight also provides advantages that other building materials can’t match.

Aluminum is strong structurally

While it’s a lightweight material, aluminum is one of the stronger building materials available today. When aluminum is mixed with other kinds of metals such as zinc, magnesium or silicon, the resulting materials provide top strength pound for pound when compared to other building materials. The type of processing aluminum undergoes also helps strengthen it. As a result, lightweight frames such as Aluminum Building Products in Glassboro NJ are able to support the heavy glass placed in buildings to maximize the natural light instead of depending on artificial lighting. Browse website to know more.

Aluminum is environmentally friendly

In contrast to other kinds of building materials, aluminum is an environmentally friendly material for several reasons. For example, the metal can be designed architecturally to help conserve sunlight in buildings. More importantly, it is a highly recyclable metal. During recycling, aluminum retains the vast majority of its properties. The recycling process uses only about ten percent of the energy needed to create new aluminum products.

Aluminum’s ability to withstand corrosion and minimal maintenance requirements make it an attractive metal for use in nearly every kind of building construction. Aluminum Building Products in Glassboro NJ from South Jersey Glass & Door can provide this ideal material for companies who need strong, durable and environmentally friendly building components.

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    Author: Adelfa Abril

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