Comparing a Gas Heater with an Electric Hot Water Heaters in Newnan

There are two types of heaters used in residences, as electric, and gas heaters, most of the people prefer electric hot water heaters in Newnan over a gas heater due to many reasons, which are described in this article. There are also people who find a gas water heater cheaper than an electric type, but still only a low price is not enough as some other advantages are also required. Those who are using it for many years understand the advantages in a better way.

* The first benefit is that there are no chances of an explosion in an electric water heater, whereas a gas heater can explode anytime due to gas leakage. This can not only harm the heater, instead a whole home can get damaged including the residents as well.

* You can also fix a timer in an electric type heater, due to which it can run for a certain time set by you, saving the power costs as well. Three hours are enough for a morning shower, and after it’s finished you can warm it again.

* Installation is simple and easy regarding an electric heater as compared to a gas type, in which PVC piping is required throughout the home till the roof. Whereas, in electric type we just need a wire, and the socket. So, it makes the total installation cost less in a water heater that is driven by electricity power.

* An electric type heater can be installed even in a small bathroom, or under the sink in the cabinet. But, a gas heater needs enough ventilation space to prevent the gas leakage smell or explosion etc. So, you do not have to worry if you are running short of space in your house.

* There are lots of manufacturers of electric hot water heaters in Newnan, who claim that its life span is more than a gas water heater. This is because a few parts are involved in the installation, whereas in a gas heater anything can get damaged as a PVC pipe etc.

* We are mostly afraid of pilot lights in a gas heater as it can burn out anytime due to heavy winds, or sudden gas stoppage. If you do not relight, it can cause the gas leakage a whole night, or even a day until you notice it. But, in an electric heater we do not need a pilot. Though some manufacturers have developed the gas type with electric ignitions, but it can be useless when there is no light.

* There are also some companies, making hot water heaters in Newnan, which are cheaper than the gas water heaters having the same size. So, now the claim about gas heaters being as cheap has also gone wrong.

* Electric water heaters are more popular in small guest houses, or in offices especially in very cold areas, where you cannot imagine going to toilet without hot water. As in commercial buildings’ gas piping can be costly, and time consuming, so the best choice is only electric type water heaters.


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