Coolers and Refrigeration Choices

Top-notch refrigeration is essential for all kinds of facilities these days. It doesn’t matter if you work in a dining establishment, a grocery store, a food processing factory or even a warehouse. Odds are strong that you need to invest in five-star refrigeration. When you need walk in coolers California professionals can put their trust in, TKS Cold Storage Manufacturing & Construction is the company that can accommodate you 100 percent. We’re a highly regarded business that has an office in Martinez. Our production factory, on the other hand, is in Stockton.

Reasons to Pick TKS Cold Storage Manufacturing & Construction

Clients have so many diverse incentives to pick TKS Cold Storage Manufacturing & Construction for their refrigeration requests. Our team members have backgrounds that exceed four decades, first of all. Our representatives have proficiency that involves everything from environmental assessment units and beer breweries to bakeries and the distribution of food items. We’re not just a company that revolves around refrigeration matters, either. We also regularly aid clients with doors, finishes, panels, pallet racks, floors and accessories of all varieties. Installation services are yet another specialty we bring to the table. Our technicians know how to design warehouses, boxes and rooms that have temperature controls. They know how to construct them. They even know how to install them in sound and secure manners. Clients from all different fields appreciate the things we can do for them. Our satisfied client base consists of wineries, liquor shops, florists and hospitals.

Drop TKS Cold Storage Manufacturing & Construction a Line

If you want walk in coolers California businesses can enjoy, then TKS Cold Storage Manufacturing & Construction can tend to your wishes. Contact our staff now to find out more about walk-in coolers. Our site is at

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    Author: Adelfa Abril

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