Eliminate Roofing Leaks With Superior Roof Replacement Services in Naples FL

by | Sep 30, 2022 | Roofing Contractors


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A roof can fail in a number of ways from a small tear that lets water seep into the underlying wood to massive damage from heavy winds. When the latter occurs, it is time to consider Roof Replacement Services Naples FL. Sometimes, a roof replacement is a simple job where the contractor just needs to remove any damaged shingles. This tends to happen when the original installation made use of a budget grade shingle. These tend to be low quality products with a limited service life.

The kind of roof replacement that the contractor uses may depend on the type of roof the building has. For instance, many commercial buildings have a low-sloped roof made from multiple layers of asphalt. Roof Replacement Services in Naples FL for these kinds of roofing systems require a lot of effort just to remove the old asphalt. Replacement roofing solutions for a low-sloped roof range from BUR (built up roofing) options made from asphalt to polymer sheets such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin). An expert contractor may be needed to determine the most durable roofing solution for the given property.

Residential roofing solutions also have many options from the common, three-tab shingle to steel panels. It is often difficult to decide the best material because the quality of these products will vary. If the preferred roof covering is an asphalt product, then there are choices such as laminated shingles. Laminates are a durable roofing shingle that applies additional layers of asphalt for extra strength. This creates a shingle that can handle the elements much better. One of the interesting things about laminated shingles is the unique patterns used on the tabs. This tends to result in a custom roof installation.

Steel can also provide a durable roof and this solution can actually simulate most other roofing materials. For example, steel panels can resemble the look of clay tiles like those found in Mediterranean architecture or the common asphalt shingle. For a simple appearance, the use of a standing seam panel can be installed. Standing seam steel panels tend to run from the crown of the building to the edge.