Garage Door MN Dealers Can Help You Find a Garage Door Matching Your Exterior

A garage door is a prominent part of your home’s beauty as it occupies a large area of the fa├žade. Therefore, you want to make certain you have a material and style that closely matches your property. You can find garage doors in a variety of designs to harmonize with your home. Traditionally, steel has always been a popular choice due to its reasonable price, low maintenance, durability and strength. However, steel tends to be an ineffective insulator and not the best option to save energy or reduce noise. A garage door MN distributor can help you with the right door choice.

Steel Panel Doors
The thickness of steel panels in the garage door will depend on several factors including price. A low-cost steel door may be more prone to damage as they don’t stand up as well to impact. However, these doors are reasonably priced and suitable for most applications fueling their demand and acceptability. A mid-level steel door is more durable. There are also garage doors manufactured for commercial use with thicker steel panels on both the inside and outside.

Aluminum and Fiberglass
Aluminum is extremely lightweight and much less expensive than most other garage doors. Their biggest drawback is the fact they are more prone to scratches and dents plus tend to wear out faster. Fiberglass material caters to a niche market. Although very lightweight, fiberglass is sturdy and highly resistant to damage. Most come with panels encased in aluminum and painted to closely match the property. Depending on the thickness, fiberglass is a good insulation material. They are more popular in areas such as coastal regions in which salt water corrosion is a problem.

Wood Material
Despite the many low cost garage door materials available, wood remains a popular option due to its wide appeal and number of style choices. Even though a wooden garage door is costly, better insulation and the appeal of natural wood are two reasons they remain preferable. Concerning strength, wood doors are comparable to their steel counterparts yet have superior texture and appearance. Also, solid wood is highly customizable as it can easily be painted.

Garage Door Design Styles
Homeowners have more garage door choices today than ever before. Everything from modern designs to traditional and contemporary doors are manufactured to suit each unique property. To help you find a style and color that closely matches your home exterior, contact a qualified garage door MN dealer today.

Garage door MN – All American Garage Door Co. of MN offers a wide range of garage doors in many styles and designs including traditional, carriage, specialty, wood and steel.

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