Glass Mosaic Tile: Design, Blend & Remodel

Glass mosaic tile designs and wall back splashes have been a popular form of wall decoration since 25,000 B.C. The most intricate designs unearthed were from the time of the Byzantine Empire. Mosaic tiles are squared pieces of glass, ceramic, porcelain, limestone, marble or natural stone that is cut no more than 2 inches (5 cm.) all around. Put together with their vibrant colors, patterns and shapes, they form exquisite pieces of art work just from the combination of thousands of pieces of glass and tiles, which enhance the image of a building or home. Originally, the ancient masters of this art used terracotta stone, gold and glass and to this day, modern designers still copy their techniques.


At the time, glass mosaic tile expressed a culture’s ingenuity and craftsmanship; today, they are used to improve the image of a home, wall, pool or building and to add ornamental appeal to certain locations. The main reason why most home experts recommend glass mosaic tile is because they can withstand dirt, grime, mold and moisture unlike other surfaces in your home. Laying the mosaic glass tiles is a process no different than laying regular tiles:


1. A thinset mortar is used to lay the glass mosaic tile down so that they would stick to the surface of the ground.


2. After the tiles are set, they are grated so as to smooth-en out their surface.


3. After the surface is smooth, they are polished and sealed as to keep dust and dirt from going into the grout.


There are eight contemporary designs to choose from when contemplating the design and color of the mosaic glass tile:


1.  True glass tiles were founded in the 17th century and have bubble designs in their texture.


2.  Water and sky glass tiles mimic the water’s surface.


3.  Stained glass tiles are merged with different colors.


4. Katami glass tiles contain complicated colors and shapes and due to their intricately cut edges, they are fit together like puzzle pieces.


5.  Sunshine glass tiles have a smooth and glossy texture.


6.  Zumi glass tiles are made from a sheet of glass that is folded over multiple times thus giving a different feel and color each time.


7.  Luna glass tiles have a very cloudy appearance and provide a smooth and calm atmosphere.


8.  Geometric shaped glass tiles are a mixture of light and dark colors.


Glass mosaic tile are one of the most popular ways for one to decorate their home’s floors and walls, particularly spaces such as the kitchen and bathroom. It is an ancient art that interior designers, home owners and entrepreneurs prefer to use to enhance the appeal of homes, buildings or other locations, both externally and internally.



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