Hiring A Wildlife Control Service in Jackson NJ To Remove Gophers

by | Jan 18, 2018 | Animal Removal


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When gophers are present in someone’s yard, it is likely the homeowner will want to take steps in their removal. There are a few tasks that can be taken to get gophers to vacate a property. If these are not sufficient in eliminating gophers, a Wildlife Control Service in Jackson NJ can be called to relocate these nuisances.

Use Sound To Scare Gophers Away

Gophers will shy away from an area where they feel as if they are being threatened. Using loud noises in the yard can trick gophers into thinking they are in danger. This can be done with the use of radio. Simply place a radio near a gopher hole and turn up the volume. The radio can be pushed into the hole if there is room, or the speaker portion can be positioned, so sound travels down into the hole. Gophers might vacate their lairs if sound projected into them often.

Consider Adding Traps To Holes In The Yard

Small traps can be pushed into gopher holes in an attempt to capture these pests so they can be relocated to a new area. Make sure to wear gloves when handling a gopher trap so the critters do not shy away from them, as the scent left behind from oils in human skin will be smelled. Traps can be purchased online or through a wildlife control service. They will not harm gophers but will keep them contained so they can be moved away from the property.

Take Away Attractions And Add Deterrents

Gophers are attracted to vegetation. Making vegetation difficult to access will make it harder for gophers to take up residence in a yard. Consider using pieces of chicken wire or fencing around fruits and vegetables during planting season. Adding a glass or mirrored signs, structures, or vases to the property will also be helpful in keeping gophers at a distance as reflections, and colored glass tend to frighten them.

When there is a desire to have a Wildlife Control Service in Jackson NJ remove gophers from a yard, finding one known for their competitive pricing is a plus. Read more about Dynamic Pest Control here today.