How Do LED Light Bulbs Work?

by | Jun 26, 2018 | Home Improvement


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Many people know that LED lights are some of the most energy-efficient lighting fixtures they can choose these days. However, do you know why? If you are shopping for LED light bulbs in Victoria, BC, it’s fun to know why it is that these interesting little bulbs are so useful. Here is a quick guide to how LED bulbs work.

What Is an LED Bulb?

LED stands for light emitting diode, and it is a type of solid-state lighting device. This means that there aren’t any gases used in the process of creating light in an LED. The energy that the LED bulb gathers from the wall socket or battery is passed through a type of chemical element (a solid component, usually), and that is what lights up the bulb.

The Parts of an LED Bulb

LED light bulbs in Victoria, BC are made up of six parts. The first part is the base, where you screw the bulb into the lamp. You can find bulbs with many different types of bases to fit specific types of lighting fixtures.

The next part is the housing, which is where all the inner parts are held together. This part is made of aluminum, and can get warm to the touch.

Inside the housing is a circuit board, also called a driver. This is the “smart” part of LED light bulbs in Victoria, BC, which tells the bulb when to turn on and off when activated by a switch. It also controls any color changing or dimmable features that the bulb may have.

The next part is the heat sink, which is a small piece of metal that just collects extra heat inside the bulb. This helps to direct heat away from the other parts of the bulb.

Next we have the LED chip, where the bulb actually creates the light. This is where the chemical element is housed, and energy is passed through this part to transform it into light waves.

Finally, there is the lens, also called the optics. This is the bulb at the top, and is made of plastic. This is the part that distributes all the light being made into our rooms, and to evenly spread that light around.

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