How Secure Are You?

by | Aug 19, 2013 | Home Security


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8725661_lMany things contribute to the security in our lives but, at bottom, it boils down to what measures have we taken to avoid risks and threats? For some of us, a few simple precautions and good insurance policies give us all the security that we think we will need. Others, me included, feel that we need to be more proactive when it comes to the security of ourselves, our family and our property.

Natural Threats

We may have little control over some threats – storms, hurricanes, floods, etc but that does not mean we cannot take precautions to minimize the risks when such calamities do occur. Fire is not always preventable but early warning will greatly reduce any damage it could cause.

But, what about crime?

Living in Houston, I am very much aware that the crime rate here is amongst the highest for similar sized cities anywhere in the US. This is not new, back in the 1970’s we had the dubious honor of being home to the “Houston Mass Murders” then, the worst ever serial killing case in American history. I believe the Houston crime rates have dropped a little in recent years but it still remains a big problem for those of us living here. We may not be in a position to actively fight crime but we do owe it to our families to provide the best protection possible.

Early warning helps

If we know about a threat in advance or, at least, in its early stages the better we are prepared to whatever action is needed to neutralize it and limit the extent of any damage. If we contact the likes of Houston TX Security Services, we can take the first step towards reducing our risks and increasing our security. This starts when you have security experts survey your property, they will know the crime statistics in your area as well if your location is prone to fire or storm damage and they will advise you on what needs to be looked out for.

The solution

The concept is remarkably simple; Houston TX Security Services will install a series of sensors and cameras around your house and its grounds; these will be keeping lookout for intruders, fire and anything else the experts feel could threaten you. When they spot something, they report it back to your master control panel which, in turn, notifies the security monitoring center whose staff are trained for instant response to whatever emergency the system reports.