How To Install A Glass Mosaic Tile Backsplash Without The Help Of A Contractor

For hundreds of years since the time of the first artisans Glass Mosaic Tile has held a special appeal among those having a true appreciation for art. Today although not reserved exclusively for artistic applications these unique tiles continue to make their way into decorating themes adding flavor and life. Kitchen projects are especially fond of mosaic tiles because they present an easy way to transform the space without the major renovation headaches.

While there are many remodeling projects that require the expertise of a contractor installing a Glass Mosaic Tile backsplash is not one of them. In fact, although the results are incredibly flattering, the project can be done by one or two people over the weekend. Applying a tile backsplash in our kitchen space is an extremely cost effective idea because it prevents susceptibility to water damage, mold, grease buildup and mildew. While drywall may seem like a less expensive alternative the damage that can be caused by daily cooking and normal kitchen activities can really discolor the drywall making your space look dingy and neglected. A simple way to maintain the elegance and functionality of the kitchen is to install a backsplash.

The first step to undertaking this project is to choose a design and the tiles of course. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination. For design ideas and practical suggestions you can visit Glass Mosaic Tile websites. Once you’ve settled on your design and have chosen your tiles ensure that your surface is clean and dry. If the area in which you intend to install your tile will come in contact with a lot of water you should install a concrete backing board first. Measure your space to ensure that you will be using to right amount of tiles and begin applying the first layer of tile adhesive or mortar compound in a thin layer about 1/8” width. If using a mortar compound it should be the consistency of peanut butter. Place a layer of tiles mesh side down and ensure that they are securely in place. Check the spacing between tiles and apply grout if necessary to ensure edges are unified. If there are paper sheets covering the tiles wait until the installation is done and the tiles are cured before removing them. Once all the tiles are placed wait 24 hours before applying grout. Wipe away excess grout with damp sponge while applying to ensure lines are even and smooth. Allow the grout to cure for 2-3 days before applying the final seal and you’re done.

This fun weekend project will completely transform your kitchen making it a center of attraction again. For more information and tips call the experts at Susan Jablon. To see glass mosaic tiles samples contact

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