It May Be Time For Rodent Removal In Edina

Rodents are very destructive pests. They can sneak inside through an opening the size of a dime. Once they’ve gotten indoors, they quickly build nests and go about the business of searching for food. Nothing is off limits for mice and rats. They will gnaw on anything in sight, including wiring and PVC pipes. Once the scurrying of little feet can be heard in the walls or ceiling, the problem is already out of control. It may be time to enlist the services of Rodent Removal in Edina to remove them for good.

Moving In

Rats and mice can quietly invade a home without being detected. They prefer warm places to hide, so an attic or a wall space may be the ideal location for starting a family. These pests love to chew on everything, so that they can cause severe damage to property. Nothing is off limits when it comes to their destructive nature. They’ve been known to eat through wiring, plumbing, insulation, and even wood beams and drywall. As the rodent population increases, so will the need to find a better food source. They may become bolder and chew an opening into the main living area of a home or the kitchen. As they venture out of the walls, one may suddenly see rodent dropping on the floors or counters.


As the need for food grows, rodents will seek out all options. In many cases, the pantry may become the target. If holes appear in boxed items or baked goods, it’s best not to eat these products. Rodents carry diseases which can be passed onto humans. They can also cause respiratory issues for people with compromised immune systems. If the tell tale signs of rodents are present, it may be time for Rodent Removal in Edina.


When rats and mice have moved in, it’s crucial to remove all traces of them. Rodents leave a urine trail for others to follow, so it’s important to clean up as much of those as possible, along with sealing off all entryways. It may take a combination of baiting and trapping to remove all of the rodents.

If the presence of rodents is noticed, removing them quickly is a must before they cause damage to personal property or pass on an ugly disease. It may require professional assistance to properly remove them for good. Contact Be There Pest Control regarding rodent removal.

Author: Adelfa Abril

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