Large Trees and Shrubs Can Work for Landscape Design in Long Island NY

A key of getting a landscape ready anywhere around Long Island involves seeing that the trees and shrubs that are added to the landscape are taken care of the right way. A project dedicated to landscape design in Long Island NY should be used carefully by focusing on how well the trees and shrubs are designs and how they are going to be placed in a spot. There are several factors that must work out right.


The placement of the large item is the first factor to see. The goal is to determine if the tree or shrub should be the focal point of the landscape or if it should only be made as a section that blends in. The need to determine the placement could also vary according to the size or height of the item and whether or not its color could blend in with other items in the middle of the landscape.

Tree Styles

The styles that come with different items for landscape design in Long Island NY can vary. Different designs can include trees that are arranged in several styles. These styles can influence the amount of ground space that is covered because some trees might cover more areas than others. The tree styles that can work in a spot include several styles like:


* Round trees, including ones that might have trunks that go for a few feet

* Columnar trees that can be vertical and thin

* Pyramidal trees that can be narrow on the top and wide on the bottom

* Weeping trees with large branches that hang down from the top of the tree


Shrub Options

Shrubs can work well for landscapes. Shrubs are not as tall or large as trees but they can be arranged to make it a little easier for a space to look nicer. In fact, the options for finding different shrubs are just as varied as what’s available with trees. Some of the more commonly used choices for getting these options ready include such common options as:


* Upright shrubs that could be similar to pyramidal trees

* Round shrubs; these shrubs are traditional smaller versions of round trees

* Spiky shrubs with large spikes instead of round surfaces

* Cascading shrubs whose branches could move all the way to the ground

* Vase shrubs with narrow branches that are not very thick


Groundcover Can Work

A groundcover shrub could also be added. A groundcover shrub is one that features a green design and is made with the intention of moving horizontally and not vertically. This is made with matting, sprawling or clumping designs in most cases. It is often made for landscapes where the landscape bed needs to be covered as well as possible to keep it from wearing out.

Landscape Design Long Island NY is easier to handle when the best possible solutions for trees and shrubs are used. A great design can be made with an appealing look that is not only attractive but also adds to the detail of the landscape. Shrubs and trees are made to create some nice looks that make them interesting for anyone.

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