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During the hot and humid summer months, I doubt if anyone in Darien spends much time indoors without the benefit of air conditioning. Be it in their homes, their workplaces, schools, shops, hospitals, clubs, restaurants, etc. it is unlikely that they will remain long inside if the room or place does not have an AC operating. When clothed (even in lightweight summer wear) it can even be uncomfortable sitting out on a terrace at a restaurant for a quick al fresco lunch in the heat of the summer – poolside bathing is one thing but, when having a meal, many would prefer to “pop inside and cool off under aircon”.

Don’t We Have A Right To Be Cool In The Summer?

We are so used to being in air conditioned air that we tend to take it for granted. At home, we will simply reach for the remote control and reset the thermostat a few degrees lower or punch in “maximum cool”; in a restaurant, we might call for the waiter and say something like – “it’s rather hot in here, please do something about the aircon”. We probably never give a thought to the initial cost of the air conditioning machinery; nor its installation cost; yet alone the cost of running it and keeping it in good running order – those are somebody else’s problem.

Somebody Has To Sort It All Out; Keep It Running And Pay For it

At home, that somebody would be the homeowner or, perhaps the landlord; elsewhere, it would be the company that owns or operates the air conditioned premises. Even a single room, wall or window mounted, AC is not cheap and the costs escalate when you need to air condition a number of rooms or spaces from a centralized unit. Electricity is the most common “driving” force for air conditioning machinery and electric bills skyrocket once air conditioners are switched on (even a small unit runs at around one horsepower).

On top of all that, all types of AC will require regular preventative and breakdown maintenance; once again, someone has to pay for all the AC Service In Darien CT . As with most things mechanical, it is often better economics to elect to pay for regular inspections for air conditioners linked to maintenance contracts covering certain actions and some replacements. The better contractors providing AC Service In Darien CT will have maintenance plans tailored to suit most people’s AC equipment, usage and budget.

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    Author: Gisela Teamer

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