Questions to Ask When Renting Short Term furnished Apartments in San Diego

by | Oct 21, 2015 | Home Improvement


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Searching a short term furnished apartment in San Diego is beneficial especially when you are on a business trip and short-term stay due to reasons like home renovation. These are also ideal choices when on elope, honeymoon or vocational trip. A home-like stay is essential to make the best out of your trips. Here are the questions to ask the agency or landlord when finding a short term furnished apartment.

Can you provide Itemized List of the Apartment?

Many furnished apartments are decorated in a lavish way but allocated with casual items only. This marketing tactic makes it easier for the owners to bargain for property rent. To protect yourself from this marketing tactic, make sure to ask the property owner or agency to provide you printed or written list of items included in the furnished apartment.

What electric equipment is included?

Some furnished apartments may provide you personal care electric equipment like hair dryers and bedroom coffee machine. If you are on lavish eloping then spending money on these items is acceptable (not really, but OK). But if you are on annual vacation or business trip then these are extra items and will only increase your rent. In contrast, some apartments don’t provide essential electric equipments, let alone personal care and service items. You would not want to take your own electric kettle after renting a furnished apartment. So ask about electric equipments included in the furnishings when renting short term furnished apartments in San Diego.

Is there security deposit required?

Security deposit is often required by owners of furnished properties but it is an exception. Sometimes security deposit is included in the initial deposit. It is essential to clarify it with the landlord if security deposit is required or not.

What extra fees do you charge? Do you charge move-in fee?

Hidden fees like move-in fees, furnishings’ insurance fees, emergency fees and electric equipment security fees may be charged by the owner. Make sure to ask about extra fees from the landlord before moving in the property.

Can you demonstrate about your guest policies and pet policies?

Your landlord may not be comfortable with your cat’s hair stuck in the carpet. Some property owners have fixed schedules or timings for guests like 5 PM to 7 PM. Ask the owner to demonstrate about their guest and pet policies so that you don’t have to pay surprise fine when moving out of the property.

How will you take care of any emergency repairs?

As a majority of the short term furnished apartments in San Diego are rented by non-native people, the owner takes care of most of the emergency repairs. Ask the landlord about how they would take care of emergency repairs. If you are already paying emergency fee or furnishing maintenance fee then you will not need to pay emergency repair fee.

Make sure that all items in the house are fully functional. If you are renting property without checking it in-person then ask the owner to provide you a written and signed document about functional condition of items included in the property like gas stove, electric kettle and heating plate. Click here for more information.