Residential Exterior Painting Service Has Progressed Dramatically Over the Years

by | Jan 18, 2017 | Painting


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It’s extremely easy to arrange for Residential Exterior Painting Service in modern times. All it takes is getting a few estimates from reputable contractors and signing on the dotted line. Choosing a color is sometimes the most difficult task since the options are virtually endless. People have been painting the interiors and exteriors of their abodes for thousands of years but, of course, they didn’t have the array of color selections that are available now. In prehistoric times, they used to mix different colors of soil along with plant components, soot, and animal fat to create specific hues, as well as a blend of material that would adhere to walls. By the time Egypt, Rome, and Greece had risen to prominent glory, painting on walls in these cultures had become a significant art form. The paint included the original substances along with items such as ground gemstones, glass, and lead.

Lead made the paint more durable so it could stay in excellent condition longer. It also could be used as a color additive. However, lead eventually proved to be a health hazard, which is why contractors who provide Residential Exterior Painting Service no longer use paint that contains this heavy metal. The U.S. federal government banned lead in household paint in the late 1970s. Paint manufacturers have put forth the effort to develop materials that are just as durable without containing hazardous substances.

It wasn’t until the mid-1800s that household paint became available in cans. Finally, professional painters and homeowners could simply go to a store and buy a big container of paint, albeit in a limited number of colors compared with the possibilities today. Now, consumers are accustomed to having millions of color choices. If the paint is not already on the shelf, retailers and wholesalers can create the precise hue by adding another color. A company such as Greg Anderson Painting can provide swatches of multiple colors in the general category the property owner wants. That way, building owners can take a little time to consider the subtle differences in a color like yellow, tan, or green before making a firm decision.