Residential Landscape Design In Santa Cruz CA, For A Tree Inside A Deck Area

by | Sep 12, 2023 | Landscaping


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Tree service professionals who also provide services for residential landscape design in Santa Cruz CA, can help customers understand the best strategies for keeping trees healthy and maintaining their aesthetic appearance. The best places to plant trees can be determined, including how far apart they should be so they do not become crowded as they grow.

A Tree Grows Inside a Deck

Some homeowners love the idea of a deck that includes a tree growing in its midst. Workers providing professional residential landscape design in Santa Cruz CA, advise customers to have all parts of the deck structure built at least 2 ft. away from the young tree. This way, the trunk can grow freely without encroaching upon the deck or railings.

Species Consideration

An oak tree, for instance, reaches about 1 ft. in circumference on average by age 50. Some species need even more space by the time they reach 50 years of age. Property owners who want to plant a tree inside a deck area need to consider that when choosing a species. Although they may not be residing at this home 50 years from now, they won’t want to create a problem that would reduce the potential sale price of the house.

Having all the trees on the property trimmed occasionally keeps them at an optimum level of beauty. Branches low to the ground on evergreens can be pruned away completely, allowing sunlight to reach the grass. For more information visit K & D Landscaping, Inc.