The Many Uses of Portable fences

by | Oct 15, 2012 | Home Improvement


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Portable fences are probably most used by construction or repair companies seeking to protect themselves against liability from attractive nuisance, or just normal accidents and mistakes. There’s also a basic security issue, a fence won’t keep a dedicated thief out on its own, but it is a deterrent. However, construction and repair companies aren’t the only ones who have a use for portable fences. In fact for a few different endeavors there are a few good uses for portable fences. One example that might not stand out to people is the use of portable fences for dog training and dog related needs. Certain dog events happen outside, and to properly prepare for them, it really helps to practice in the sort of environment the event will happen in. Things like agility, obedience, rally, and other events can happen outside. It’s important for dog owners interested in their dog competing in these events to be able to practice from a younger age. That means the dog might not always be trained well enough to trust it in an open environment off a leash.

Dogs are easily distracted sometimes, and if you don’t work on getting through those distractions, you’ll have a harder time keeping them in check. If you do all your practice for agility or the like indoors in a controlled environment you might be surprised that the effect of just being outside where there are birds, and other animals making noise and scent around. Ideally you want to practice in a group, that would amongst other things cover the costs of buying portable fences, and give your dog better practice working in a crowded environment with other dogs. Actual competitions for agility, or rally will have a lot of distractions, the problem of working in an area with no enclosure is that if a dog does get distracted and run off you could be in trouble.

No matter how well you train a dog their hunting/prey instinct can sometimes be over powering especially for certain breeds and younger dogs in general. It’s hard to train a dog on a lead too, they won’t be able to do a lot of the movements necessary, and if you’re trying to train the dog to be calm in that situation you want to be able to let them off their leashes so they can interact with other dogs naturally. Portable fences make it possible to run classes with dogs in public parks, or otherwise unenclosed areas. No matter why you need to fence in an area a portable fence means that you’re not constrained to having indoor areas the size you need, and you’re not required to have a fenced in lawn big enough either. This is just one of many different applications of portable fences for uses other than keeping curious kids out of construction and work areas.