Tips For Not Losing Ignition Keys

by | Aug 2, 2017 | Locksmith


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Everyone has been there. The time comes to drive the car somewhere and the keys to start it simply cannot be found. It can be mindbogglingly frustrating. With the advent of newer technologies such as smart keys, the cost to replace them can even be downright wallet-draining. Here are some tips to remember to avoid misplacing the Ignition Keys in the first place.

* Make them hard to lose on purpose. Attach them directly to a purse or bag so that they are always within reach. It is an easy task to attach a key-less fob to a wallet. Many professionals even have a dedicated bag or briefcase in which such things as their laptop and keys reside, so that they never get left behind.

* Always have a Plan B! The right time to start thinking about having duplicates made is when the keys are first in possession, not after they have been misplaced. Call a few different places to price out what two or three duplicates would cost to make and then go from there.

* Miniature GPS tracking devices are not uncommon these days and attaching one to a set of Ignition Keys is a great way to ensure they are never lost. There are also companies who offer services to monitor items, such as keys, for you so that they are always easily located.

* A remote control key finder is another great tool which can aid one in always finding where the keys are at.

* If technology is not high on the pecking order of things that are important to you, an easy solution is simply putting them in the same spot every time you return home.

Of course, no matter how great the intentions are, there will always be instances of lost keys or even keys that have become stuck or broken in the ignition switch. In times like this, it is best to call on a professional company such as website. The key pros can have the frustrated customer back driving their in no time at all in most situations. Why stress out when they can handle everything and make sure that the rest of the day can carry on as planned? You can also connect them on Facebook.