Types of Residential Stair Lifts Huntsville AL

Residential stair lifts refer to lift chairs attached to tracks or ramps that move up and down the entire length of the stairs. Residential stair lifts are usually installed in homes for handicapped or elderly individuals to make it easy for them to get up and down the stairs without any help. Most of the individuals usually have to seek help whenever they want to move around the house and this limits their movements and also puts a lot of pressure on others within the same household. In order to reduce this dependency, stair lifts are installed along the entire length of the stairs.

Stair lifts Huntsville AL are easy to install, since there is no major renovation to be done. The ramp for the lift chairs is installed according to the design of the stairs. The ramp is conveniently attached to the wall without causing much disturbance and the lift chairs mounted to it. The presence of the stair lifts does not completely atrophy the use of the stairs. This is because the stair lifts can be folded away when not in use to make way for other stairway users.

The stair lifts Huntsville AL operate on rechargeable batteries. This is meant to reduce direct electricity expenditure. The good thing about these rechargeable batteries is that they automatically start recharging when not in use so you do not have to worry about forgetting to plug it in. Most stair lifts have only buttons, ‘up’ or ‘down’ making them extremely easy to operate. They also have swivel chairs that facilitate a safe dismount from the stair lift.

The various types of residential stair lifts include:

* Straight stair lifts are the basic compact carriage and rail. These are usually installed in stair cases that have a straight design. They include folding arms, footrest, and seat for smaller or narrow stair spaces. These features make it easy to fold it back for other stair users.

* The curved stair lifts are made to the shape of the stair case. The stair lift ramp can be flexed around any type of turn, curve, or swivel. There can be an additional turn at the bottom of the stairs to park the chair out of the way. These Lifts come in a variety of designs and colours to blend in with the decor of the house and generally to look good.

* Outdoor stair lifts Huntsville AL are lifts that have been customised to fit the outdoor weather conditions. Therefore, they can withstand a range of weather conditions without being damaged. Water and moisture sensitivity is one of the key focus areas when it comes to this. They also operate in a similar way to the indoor stair lifts but only more weatherised.




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