When Should a Homeowner Consider Mosquito Treatment in the Detroit, MI, Area?

by | Jun 8, 2021 | Pest Control


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Mosquitoes are known insects that can carry serious disease-causing germs like viruses among others. As the weather gets warm and humid during the late spring to summer, it is necessary to do some clean up measures to keep these pests from breeding. This is when a homeowner should consider dependable mosquito treatment in the Detroit, MI, area.

Mosquitoes Breed Fast When There Is Stagnant Water & Humid Conditions

After a rain shower, excess water may fill up old tires left outside. Other items to check include any planting pots or containers laying around the yard. Look for shallow dips in the ground that could also fill up with runoff rainwater. Empty these, and then mow any tall grass and trim/prune bushes and shrubs around the property to discourage pest infestation.

Consider Using Natural Based Mosquito Repellents When Outside

There are natural mosquito repellent options like citronella candles, and essence of thyme can work too for short intervals. There are also natural-based mosquito repellents. Lavender, lemongrass, lemon eucalyptus and cinnamon oils are also terrific options.

Use Caution When Kids & Pets Are Around if Using Bug Repellent Solutions

Great caution should be observed if planning on using poisonous chemicals found in most bug control products these days. Keep this away from young children, those with a lowered autoimmune system or breathing difficulties like asthma and pets.

The best method is to call for a pest control expert familiar with mosquito treatment from Detroit, MI. Contact Pestway online via mypestway.com.