Working With HVAC in White Plains Means Education

Heating, ventilating and air conditioning, HVAC in White Plains is a trade that is only applicable to those who have the necessary skills, attitude and education to successfully enter this field. The trade is in very high demand and once certified the technician not only is competent to install, maintain and service heating and cooling equipment of all sorts, the training prepares for commercial refrigeration as well. Although the skills are identical, the markets are very different, with refrigeration technicians mostly employed in areas with large refrigerated and insulated room, places such as vegetable warehousing, ice cream manufacturing and meat processing facilities.

An HVAC White Plains industrial education prepares the individual to be proficient in all aspects of service, from upgrading existing systems in older buildings to installing brand new energy-efficient systems in “Green facilities”. The HVAC technician plays a critical role in today’s society, assuring that the climate is controlled for all those in it, be it heating or cooling or a combination of both. At one time, we had white collar and blue collar jobs, today we have Green collar jobs and they are the domain of the HVAC technician.

Attending an HVAC White Plains will teach the student all the necessary skills needed to solve problems, diagnose and repair problem equipment, repair compressors, furnaces and heat pumps and to further be involved in ducting, controls such as thermostats and much more. As refrigerants are often harmful to the environment, the graduate will be fully versed on refrigerant recovery and disposal through re-cycling procedures.

For many years trades were seen as the only alternative to those who did not or could not enter college. The fact that trades and tradesmen were thought of as less than college graduates, the number of candidates to enter the trades dropped considerably and as a result there was a crying demand for skills. As the world became more hi-tech, the need for trained technicians kept growing but the number of skilled people did not. This trend is finally reversing as people are now realizing that skills provide almost recession proof employment. It may be possible to pare office staff but technicians involved in avionics, electrical and electronics and HVAC are in constant demand.

The re-birth of interest in the trades has opened many opportunities. HVAC White Plains can be explored over the internet, good schools can be identified in the area and many of the courses can be completed on-line. The course of on-line study mimics that taught in a familiar classroom setting; but offer the convenience of studying when and where you please. On-line study is best done while serving an internship with a local company.


HVAC Technician

HVAC Technician

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