Your Roof – Your Business

by | May 13, 2019 | Contractor


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Do you want to find out that your roof leaks? Or do you want to get out in front of it? Finding out that your roof leaks is often just the beginning of a very expensive adventure. Maybe you have had to defer maintenance, or perhaps you took out a lease without checking the roof, however you arrived at the discovery of a leak, it’s a safe bet that it is at minimum a disruptive occurrence. Commercial roofing in Atlanta GA is a specialty, most roofers who work on private homes don’t have the equipment or the technology to do the job.

Getting Your Roof Right
Atlanta is no stranger to wild weather, and a recent storm system dropped hailstones between 1 and 1 ½ inch over the Atlanta GA metro area. Hail of this size can significantly damage even the most robust roofs. Having your roof professionally inspected after hailstorm is a good idea.

The most critical step to getting your roof right is to make sure that the contractor is licensed and insured, with an excellent local reputation. They should also be certified by the roofing material manufacturer to install that specific type of roofing. While anyone with a damaged roof is in a hurry to get it fixed, take the time to ask about previous projects and how those roofs are performing now.

Good News/Bad News
If your roof is old and damaged enough, it might be better to simply replace it with the newer and more durable roof than to try and repair spot after spot as emergencies arise. Talk to a local specialist in commercial roofing and find out what would be best for your business. Go with the smart money, and work with the best local roofing professionals to help protect your business.