Find and hire the right residential painter

by | May 27, 2016 | Home Improvement


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Although it is possible to paint the interior of your home by yourself, in the greatest majority of cases you are far better off hiring a professional residential painter in Clarksville. When you opt for a professional you can be assured of getting a perfect job with no stress on your part. Finding the right painter however does take some time and attention, there are a few tips that can help you find the right professional for your particular job.

  • Use your contacts:

Although you can search on the internet the best way to locate potential candidates is by referral. Ask homeowners that you know at work, your family members as well as neighbors. If you have no success a great place to get names is the local paint supply store. The people working in these stores know the painters in the area and they also have a good idea of how popular they are based on the amount of paint they purchase.

  • Get three quotes:

You may get the contact details of numerous painters but really, getting quotes from three is sufficient. Each quote should be close to the others, if there is one that is very low chances are he is planning on cutting corners somewhere.

  • Specifics:

It is very important that you discuss your needs in detail with the candidates; especially pointing out anything that you know in advance will impact the price. Walk the painter around your home; discuss the type of paint that is most suitable and what surfaces you want painted.

  • References:

Even when you believe you are ready to choose from your three candidates, get references and by all means check with them. If at all possible try to arrange a visit to a past clients home, in this way you can see the finished job as well as find out how the painter performed; did he arrive on time, did he finish the job to schedule and was he a pleasant person to have in your home?

Once you take the tie to go through these few important steps you are ready to hire the right residential painter in Clarksville TN.