How Home Remodelers Can Help You Improve The Beauty And Value Of Your House

by | Feb 14, 2014 | Remodeling


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Americans spend $217B on remodeling their homes every year. New Yorkers are increasingly renovating the interiors of their homes, and hiring home remodelers New York City extensively. The most value is added by kitchen remodeling. One industry magazine reported that in the country as a whole, kitchen remodeling provided a return on investment of between 85 and 99 percent, while in metro areas such as New York, the figure was higher, between 119 and 135 percent. This is the highest figure for any room.

Kitchen remodeling provides the most personal satisfaction, given how much time you spend there. Whether it is where you forge memories of holiday meals or you only report there for your morning cup of coffee, everybody will be in the kitchen at some point of the day. Kitchen remodeling also brings out the cook in you.

In New York City, space is often at a premium. An illusion of space can be created by the type of tile on the floor, the color of the counters, and the use of recessed lighting. Few tricks of the trade are unknown to the home remodelers New York City.

Kitchen remodeling can be an emergency. You will probably not realize how often you use your sink until it ceases to function. Slow leaking sinks can inflict significant damage on flooring, and many homeowners in New York end up having to replace a sink, cabinets, countertops and floors. A new sink can only be installed to an existing countertop only if it matches the shape of its predecessor and the countertop is in good condition.

Hiring of home remodelers in New York City  might be prompted by a desire for more storage   space. Storage space comes in the form of corner units, racks, single- or double-door cabinets and drawer-base cabinets. Cabinet doors are often the most prominent feature of a kitchen, which, along with the bathroom, is the most-noticed room of a house. Cheaper kitchen cabinets such as those made from MDF or particle board represent a false economy. They sag, expand, discolor, or even split over time. Kitchen cabinets should be hardwearing due to the high temperatures and moisture found in an active kitchen.

You may desire a more pleasant floor. The floor of a kitchen must be tough enough to handle the mistreatment it receives every day. It has to be easily cleaned and maintained. As any home remodelers New York City will tell you, food and drink will inevitably be spilled, so carpet is not a good choice for a kitchen. If you are drawn to wood, laminate is the optimal choice as it has the appearance of wood but is highly durable. True wood doesn’t handle water damage or stains at all well. Tiles are much cheaper to install and maintain – a single tile can be easily replaced. Vinyl is cheaper still and easier to install, and while it is not as durable as tiles, it is water-resistant. With flooring, durability and maintenance have to be considered, as well as your personal tastes.

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