Is it Time for New Windows in Waukesha Wisconsin?

by | Feb 17, 2016 | Home Improvement


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With the frigid temperatures of winter engulfing most of the country, homeowners are looking for any way they can to keep the warm air inside of their residence. This can be an impossible task when there are drafts present. These drafts can be found in a number of places in a home, but most commonly they will be discovered around windows and doors. While some caulk can do wonders for these leaks, in some instances the windows may have to be replaced. Most of the older style windows are drafty by nature, which is why replacing them with modern and energy efficient windows is the best course of action. There will usually be a number of signs when a home’s Windows in Waukesha Wisconsin need to be replaced.

A Noticeable Discoloration Around the Seal of the Window

If a homeowner begins to notice that the seal around their window is turning brown, then they will need to get a new window immediately. Usually, this discoloration is a sign that moisture is getting in behind the window. The longer that this problem is allowed to persist, the more damage it will ultimately cause. By calling in a professional to take a look, the homeowner will be able to get the answers that they need.

The Inability to Open or Close the Window

The older the windows in a home get, the harder it will be for a homeowner to keep them functional. When the time comes that a window is unable to be opened or closed, the homeowner will have to act fast in order to reduce the danger that this problem can present. While having a new window put in the home can be a bit costly, it is well worth the money that is paid.

Getting the right replacement Windows in Waukesha Wisconsin is easy when using the right professionals for the job. Siding Unlimited will be able to get an old window out and the new one in its place in no time. Get more information by visiting their website or give them a call to set up a consultation.