Popular Types Of Wood Fencing

by | Aug 29, 2016 | Home Improvement


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Wood fencing is a popular choice for its combination of aesthetics, security, relatively low cost, and privacy, according to Regionale Fence. But looking through hardware stores and online catalogues at the many types of wood fencing can seem confusing and can make the decision difficult. Here are some of the most popular wood fences available and their advantages:


A popular choice that is native to Canada and the American North West, Cedar is an ideal choice for fencing due to its attractive red coloring, its resistance to decomposition and rot, and stability. Even when faced with the worst weather conditions, cedar will stay standing and look attractive for years after initial installation. With regular treatment and maintenance, it can last even longer.


This is another popular choice for both fences and outdoor structures as it is native to Canada, has a natural look, and is easy to source. It is cheaper than cedar but also less durable, so unless treated properly, it won’t last quite as long, about 15 years compared to 25 years from certain types of wood.


This is probably the most in-demand and expensive type of wood fence in Ottawa. This is because redwood is also one of the most high quality and attractive types of fencing on the market, resistant to rotting and insect invasions. California redwoods are considered the best, but also cost more to transport. If your budget can stretch to it, a redwood fence is a good investment for a fence that will last for many years.

The type of wood you choose for your fence will depend on your budget and individual needs. However, practically any type of naturally sourced wood will look attractive and last for many years with the right treatment and installation. Talk over your options with a supplier or contractor and you can decide which wood fencing is best for your project.