Roofing Repairs in Naperville IL: Three Signs That Your Roof is In Trouble

by | Aug 8, 2014 | Doors And Windows


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Your roof is very essential to the rest of your home. Not only does the roof protect you from the elements of the weather, but it protects the rest of your home from potential damage as well. As important as a roofing system is, you’d be surprised to learn the amount of homeowners that do not keep up with routine maintenance or Roofing Repairs in Naperville IL. Rather than wait until your roof caves in or a huge leak penetrates into your home, making yourself aware of the signs for repair is key. Below are a few signs to pay attention to if you have a shingle roof.

Curling or Crawling Shingles

Take a look at the shingles on your roof. Since your roof is always exposed to the various weather elements, there is a possibility that there is some damage you’re not aware of. One particular culprit is the heat. When the roof is exposed to excessively high temperatures, the shingles will begin to curl up. This makes them very vulnerable to the wind as they will break off easier.

Bare Spots and Missing Granules

When a roof was not properly installed to begin with, over time it can begin to cause a waterfall effect on your home. This will cause the roofing materials such as the granules to wash away over time. When a roof ages, this too can cause bare spots and loss of granules to occur. When the granules are lost, the shingles will begin to harden which can then cause early aging and decaying to start.

Missing or Damaged Shingles

If you want your roof to continuously shed water without causing damage to your home, it is important to have durable shingles in place. If you take a look at your roof and notice that there are damaged or missing shingles, you need to have a contractor replace them right away. This could result in leaks and other damage.

If you notice any of the above described problems with your roofing system, it is ideal to call a roofer for Roofing Repairs in Naperville IL. They can conduct a thorough inspection of your roof and make the necessary repairs to keep it intact for several years to come. To learn more about roofing repairs, Contact Business Name.