Tips for Safely and Successfully Shocking Your Pool

by | Nov 3, 2017 | Swimming Pool & Spa


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Paying Commercial Pool Cleaners to monitor and adjust your pool chemicals can get very expensive.  Even if you are not very experienced or very brave about DIY home maintenance tasks, it is easy to learn to manage your pool chemicals.  Commercial Pool Cleaning Products are available to consumers, and it is possible to save a lot of money when you are adjusting the Swimming Pool Chemicals by yourself.  One of the most effective ways of keeping the chlorine at the right levels is to shock your pool periodically.

What Is Shocking Your Pool?

Shocking your pool means adding high levels of chlorine, to the point where the chlorine level is about three times as high as you want it to be when you swim.  The reason for shocking your pool is to prevent the growth of algae.  Of course, you do not swim immediately after shocking the pool, but wait a day or so.  You can get the chlorine and other chemicals you need for shocking your pool from Pulsar.

How Often Should You Shock Your Pool?

Most Commercial Pool Cleaners recommend shocking your pool at least once per month.  You will need to shock your pool more often than that if the water temperature is high, such as if it is an artificially heated pool.  Even for an unheated outdoor pool, you will need to shock the pool more often when the air temperature remains unusually high for more than a day or two.  You will also need to shock your pool after a big rainstorm, as the rain will dilute the levels of chlorine in your pool.  Another reason to shock your pool more than once per month is when people swim in the pool frequently, so that you can prevent the spread of disease-causing germs.