What constitutes safari décor?

by | May 14, 2014 | Home And Garden


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There is a great deal of interest in what is known as “safari décor.” Safari décor focuses on the colors and textures of Africa and there are many decorative components and techniques that can help recreate the feeling of being on safari. Beautiful natural wood surfaces and interesting and colorful tribal textiles are used. Safari themed decorating makes full use of leather and hides. Decorative accents such as grass cloth wallcovering pull the entire look together, making a room which is relaxing and at the same time, very exotic.

The colors of Africa tend to favor earth tones of rust, brown, orange and tan. These colors are used in safari décor to soften the room and help the designer provide an ambiance which mimics that found on safari. Grass cloth wallcovering is used in lieu of paint, however, when paint is used, it is usually daubed on the wall using a sponge and different tones to create a peaceful, natural look. Floors are often exotic hardwoods covered with throw rugs made of sisal or jute, both natural fibers which can be woven into a pattern by skilled artisans.

All the furniture that is used in safari décor is made from woods, leather and other natural fabrics. A popular choice for tables and side chairs is rattan or bamboo, both used to full advantage in giving the room a light, airy feeling. Generally the fabrics that are used for the drapes, bedcovers and pillows are cotton or natural linen. Due to the popularity of the décor, mud cloth is often used. Mud cloth is a particular fabric which is dyed using fermented mud. The finished fabric is toften repetitive tribal patterns, this being a recurring theme of tribal art.

Animal prints are used to great advantage with safari décor. It is possible to get almost any fabric silk screened with animal patterns. Many homes that have adopted the safari style use accent pieces with zebra stripes, leopard spots, etc. Many manufacturers are dying cowhides to mimic African animals, they are ideal as wall hangings when grass cloth wallcovering is behind them.

Decorative touches usually abound in the kind of décor, African tribal masks, statues and figurines all add to the ambiance as does a large mosquito net draped over a four poster bed or suspended from the ceiling.

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