Why You Should Get Mold Removal Right Away

by | May 16, 2016 | Home Improvement


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Pretty much all mold damage starts from tiny specks of black and white in a corner or a ceiling. It looks small and harmless, so you may not even recognize it as mold and probably are not going to call mold removal services right away.

Of course, until you realize you’ve ignored it enough that it becomes a monster of specks invading and damaging your house. By this time, household members will have been afflicted with allergy symptoms and asthma caused by mold spores.

The Lowdown on Mold

Mold is, of course, very natural. It’s found all through the environment and is used to make good things like cheese and antibiotics. Its function in nature is to break down organic matter so the nutrients are released and can be reused by plants.

Incidentally, the wood in our homes, the cotton of the curtains and plenty of other stuff in our home are organic matter.

Mold and our Homes

This is precisely why mold can be undesirable in our homes. We want to maintain the structure, as well as the aesthetic of the house we live in. This is why mold removal is so important.

However, mold often finds itself in places where mold-prone construction materials meet moisture. This can be because of leaky pipes or rain damage, or even high humidity.

Health Hazard

Perhaps the most important reason why you shouldn’t delay calling for mold removal is because it is a huge health hazard. We’ve already talked about how mold spores can trigger allergy symptoms.

For people with asthma, a mold-filled house can be a disaster. It’s often difficult to trace the exact triggers of an asthma attack, but mold spores are among the likely culprits. In addition, certain types of mold release mycotoxins, which can cause damage to your nerves with prolonged exposure.

The earlier you get mold removal services, the better off you are. Not only will they be able to completely remove this hazard, they will also give you advice on how to avoid mold in the future.