3 Investments to Consider Making in Your Home Before You List It

by | Dec 7, 2017 | Window


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If you are thinking about renovating and selling an older home, you’re probably considering the best impact to make with renovations before you list.

Should You Renovate Before You Sell?

Some people will simply sell their home as-is. It’s far more popular nowadays to try to boost the value before you sell. Doing so will entail a financial investment and some work on your part, but there could be some big benefits, particularly:

* Selling the home for a larger dollar value. The right renovations could bring about a great return on investment in the form of a bigger offer.

* Getting more people in to see it. Seeing things like ‘new windows’, ‘upgraded bathroom’, ‘maintenance-free gutters’, and other such phrases on a listing can get you more potential buyers taking a closer look. Many want to buy a home with upgrades or other benefits (such as maintenance free gutters), and will be more likely to put in an offer.

Here are three potential investments to consider that could bring about a bigger offer, more interest, and the ability to sell that home faster.

Bathroom Remodeling

A newer bathroom can make a big impact on a home’s appeal. Furthermore, an additional bathroom helps, too. Many people, nowadays, want at least 1.5 or more bathrooms when buying a home.

New Gutter Installation

What condition are the home’s gutters in? New gutter installation will add to the look of the home as well as be a great selling point on the listing. There are maintenance-free gutter protectors that can also be added, furthering the curb appeal.

Window Replacement

How old are the windows? Newer windows don’t just look amazing, they also sound great on paper, because it’s an expense potential buyers won’t have to consider for a long time. New windows also offer energy savings and that’s attractive to potential buyers, too. Window replacement, whether on the entire home or on specific high impact areas, can make a difference.

Additional Tip:

In addition to making some investments in home improvements, doing a comparison of homes in the neighborhood before selling can help you determine how fast homes are selling, what condition they are in, and what the typical selling price will be, too.

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