6 Insider Tips and Tricks to Get Every Detail of Your Bathroom Remodel Right

by | May 21, 2018 | Remodeling


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A bathroom remodel in San Antonio can cost you a lot. Use the following pro tips and insider tricks to get every detail right.

Start with your budget

This will determine a lot of your buying decisions, from the materials you will use to the remodeling crew you will hire. Knowing how much you can spend will set boundaries for your design, the DIY Network says. It also helps you decide which items can go and where you can be a bit creative to save on costs.

Get pros to take on the job

Hire a firm that has the experience, team, and skill to do the job. Consider how long the company has been around, what its services are, and what their remodeling expertise lies. These will help you decide if you’re getting the right pros on board.

Add more room

Need more room? That’s one of the many reasons people go for a bathroom remodel in San Antonio. If you want to put in a tub, then talk to your contractors about it. Ask them about local codes that may affect the expansion. This may incur costs so knowing beforehand will help you manage your budget.

Install new wiring

Don’t forget to upgrade the wiring system in your bathroom. It’s probably been abused by years of use. This is a smart move to prevent wiring problems that could potentially lead to a fire in your home.

Make it accessible

You may want to add easy-to-grip level faucets and grab bars. That way, you can make your showers much more accessible to all abilities. In case you live with someone who suffers from mobility issues, the addition of these features will come in handy.

Change the fixtures

Toss those old fixtures for new ones. Have fun choosing a new sink, toilet, shower booth, wall and floor tiles, and more.