A Charlotte, NC Window Installation Company Helps Upgrade a Vacation Home

by | Mar 21, 2024 | Home Improvement


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Some men and women look for real estate outside of the metropolitan area so that they can have a countryside haven. One way of buying something relatively affordable is to choose a residence that has been primarily used as a weekend and vacation home. It might need some improvements to make the place a more ideal full-time residence. A window installation company in Charlotte, NC can replace old features for an upgrade.

Bow and Bay Versions

Window design is important for the home’s aesthetics inside and out. In an older vacation home, the windows might all be flat sash models, or there could be some crank windows. The new owners might want to hire a residential glass replacement service in Charlotte, NC to replace windows in front with bow or bay versions. These bring in more light and increase the home’s beauty.

The Garden Window

Workers with a window installation company in Charlotte, NC also may be able to place a garden window in the kitchen if there is suitable exterior wall space. Many floor plans include a sink with a window behind it, which would be the ideal situation. Like the bay and bow models, garden windows extend beyond the wall. The structure typically is used as a small greenhouse for plants.

Drafty Windows

It may be advisable to replace very old, drafty windows. Temperatures routinely drop into the 30s at night during the winter, and windy days can make rooms feel cold when drafts blow through single-pane glass or problem frames. A residential glass replacement service in Charlotte, NC can do this work.

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