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by | Feb 5, 2013 | Roofing


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Changing the appearance of your home can be accomplished by simply installing new siding; the various types of siding available provide many options for personalizing and altering the look of your home. Renovating the exterior of your property is a major decision, but can be a manageable process with the right contractor. It is important to install siding that functions well for your house and is durable. A siding installation CT specialist can navigate you through the repair or installation process smoothly.

Find a Reliable Siding Expert

Many individuals attempt to install siding themselves; in most cases this is done to save money. This often results in damage to the siding, or home, and becomes more expensive than hiring a contractor. Siding contractors are trained specifically to handle these projects and have experience in the installation process. It is crucial to search for a dependable contractor who has reliable referrals. The contractor should give you a written estimate, and most importantly provide proof of insurance.

Installation Process

The general process of installing siding is relatively simple for a professional and takes approximately two weeks. After you choose a suitable style, accurate measurements must be taken of the home. Any existing material is then removed, and the new siding is set up.

Siding Material Options

There are a wide variety of siding options available on the market. Cedar shingle requires minimal maintenance and resembles authentic wood. Wood is a popular form of siding. Wood clapboard is long-lasting and durable, and normally outlasts other materials. Fiber cement siding is versatile, fire-proof, and rigid.

Aluminum and Steel

Another prominent type of siding is seamless steel. This modern siding is affordable, low-maintenance, does not shrink or expand in changing temperatures, and can be purchased under a lengthy warranty. Made from plastic, vinyl siding will not rot, flake, or peel. Its color does not fade, it’s easy to install, and it is inexpensive in comparison to other materials. These advantages make it one of the leading choices. Aluminum is an environmentally friendly material that is fireproof and will not crack.

Professional Installation

Whatever the size of your installation project, it is imperative to hire a siding installation CT professional. This will ensure that you receive top quality work and a timely project completion. Locating the right installer is easy with a determined approach. Undertaking your project with the assistance of a certified installer will deliver satisfying results. Your home is a reflection of your personality; therefore hiring a professional is a worthwhile investment.

If you have been considering upgrading the appearance of your home, new siding is a perfect choice. We offer reliable installation and affordable prices regardless of your siding decision. To find out more about our experienced team, please visit website domain.