All About Screw Conveyors

by | Dec 11, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance


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The screw conveyor is also known as the worm and spiral conveyor. They are used for moving items along in a trough or flat surface. The screw conveyors include a helical screw element that moves around a central shaft. This will drive the material, whatever it is, according to the design of the screw, as well as the direction of the rotation. If you need a screw conveyor, you will have to consider a number of characteristics, including whether or not you need food grade screw conveyors, or regular screw conveyors.

Uses for Screw Conveyors

Manufacturing companies will use the screw conveyors for transporting materials, such as granules, seeds, powders, grains and flakes. Additionally, these devices are able to be used for blending, agitating and mixing materials, or for maintaining an existing solution. These machines are used for a number of different agricultural applications, from farm machinery such as balers and threshers to a factory based grain or crop mover. The screw conveyors are also used in the food industry and provide an excellent option for moving wet and not flowing materials that may cake or be difficult to move.

Screw Conveyor Maintenance and Repair

An important consideration that needs to be made when using a screw conveyor, for any industry or purpose, is the repairs and maintenance that the machine will require. There are now a number of different suppliers that are offering repair components including stands, tubes, bearings and fasteners. Even the screw blade will be able to be replaced when necessary in certain types of systems. Each type of screw conveyor will also require some type of motor or other drive for powering the motion of the actual screw. Generally speaking, corrosion and wear resistant materials are preferred for the manufacturing of the screw conveyors. As a result, one of the most common materials that are used is carbon steel. The power source is either fuel or electric.

Screw Conveyor Rating

The various types of screw conveyors have been rated by their actual capacity per hour (or some other unit of time) as well as the screw diameter. There are some models, such as the bottom conveyors, which will use multiple screws in the open trough. A centerless screw conveyor does not contain any type of central shaft and rather uses an empty helix. This type of design will product the movement in the substrate; however it provides more freedom inside of the casing.