Anne Arundel County Animal Control Can Help You with the Removal of a Stray

by | Mar 26, 2014 | Pest Control


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Coming home and finding a stray animal, like a cat or a dog, at your residence can be startling. You may not know what to do with the animal you found. It is possible this animal is not tame and can be dangerous to handle. If this happens to you, you should call Anne Arundel County Animal Control right away.

At Anne Arundel County Animal Control they will be able to advise you of what to do with this animal. When you contact them they will ask you several questions about the animal you have found. They may inquire about the circumstances and the health of the cat or dog that has made its way to your residence. The professional will probably recommend you not touch or move the animal if it appears sick or injured. They will then inform you of their procedures of animal removal. They will also inform you when they will be able to get an associate to your home to remove the animal. It is important to listen to the advice of the representative so you can protect yourself from injury or disease.

Once the technician comes to your home to remove the animal, they will do several things. First, they will record your contact information. This will enable them to contact you if they discover a health danger or any other information regarding the animal. Next, if the animal appears feral, or wild, they will then begin the proceedings of trapping that animal. However, if the animal seems domesticated they will leash and examine the animal to ensure their safety. Once they have the animal contained they will take the animal to their shelter.

People who find themselves in this situation may feel sorry for the animal. It can be easy to forget about possible illnesses or diseases this animal may be carrying. They may even be tempted to bring it into their residence. This may be a costly mistake as it could cause that family to become ill. Don’t make this mistake. If you find a stray it is important to contact the nearest animal control agency. If you are unsure of the number you can call Accutech Pest Management and they will advise you where to turn for the assistance you need.