Choosing the best professional carpet cleaners

by | Aug 26, 2014 | Home Improvement


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The carpeting that is in your home or office represents a significant investment, one which you do not want to have to make again for some time. To get the most from your carpet dollars you have to look after it properly, cleaning and maintaining on a regular basis. Most homes and offices are have the carpets vacuumed frequently but vacuuming does nothing to eliminate stains and ground in dirt, for this you need to hire a Minneapolis carpet cleaning company to come in and steam clean the carpets once or twice a year. It is not a major investment to keep the carpets in pristine condition but there are a few tricks to finding the best carpet cleaners in town.

Carpet cleaners are prolific advertisers, they are not difficult to locate. Make a list of the major players, some of them will offer general carpet cleaning services while others tend to specialize, perhaps their focus is on oriental rugs as an example. If the service appears to focus on carpets that are different than the ones you have then these companies can be discounted right away. Once you have short listed the Minneapolis carpet cleaning companies that clean the carpets that you have you can turn your attention into looking into each of them a little more deeply.

Once you have four or five prospects call them and ask them to schedule a visit to your home or office, you will want them to actually see the current condition of your carpets before they submit their price. If any of these companies balk at visiting you beware of any price they might throw at you. A professional Minneapolis carpet cleaning company will visit to ensure that he can do the job right and to determine if any special cleaners will have to be used. If the company will not visit you, eliminate them from your list.

Pay attention to the way the representative goes about assessing the condition of your carpet. The rep should ask you about the stains, what they are and how long have they been there? The rep will let you know if any services other than steam cleaning are necessary. Remember, professional Minneapolis carpet cleaning companies want to earn your trust so there can be a developing long term relationship. Keeping you well aware of what has to be done is one way the company can earn your trust and long term business.

If you are searching for the best professional Minneapolis carpet cleaning companies look no further than Steamatic of the Twin Cities. The system they use is safe and gentle for most carpets; they use no soap or detergent or harsh chemicals in their process.