5 Benefits of a Chlorine Free Pool System

by | Sep 3, 2014 | Home And Garden


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Is a Chlorine Free Pool System Safe?

The short answer is, yes. Chlorine free pool systems can be safe.

Many people aren’t even aware that these pool systems exist. The fact of the matter is that we have been living with chlorine in our pools for almost as long as we remember. Why wouldn’t we? The CDC says that there are 309 thousand public pools in the United States, and thousands of us will use a pool, public or private, about six times a year.

The CDC regulation for pool sanitation is to keep the chlorine level between 1.0 and 3.0 parts per million (ppm). That being said, it is easy to overdose the amount of chlorine in the pool, leading to skin, nose, and eye irritation, as well as other hazards.

Therefore, the question may not be “Is a chlorine free pool system safe?” but rather, “Is a pool WITH chlorine safe?”

Benefits of Getting a Chlorine Free Pool System
There are several benefits to switching your pool into to a chlorine free solution. One method, Ionization, is notable for its long history of efficacy and safety in warding off bacteria. Ionization is a system that infuses the water with regulated traces of silver and copper ions to successfully kill algae and bacteria.

No skin or eye irritation
One of the biggest complaints against chlorine has to do with its adverse effect on skin. Swimmers often complain of dry or red, irritated skin. Pools that use ionization for sanitation do not put chemicals in the water, thus eliminating the post-swim itchy skin and scalp. Additionally, ionization results in even clearer water for the swimmer. As an example of this, think about any wishing well or water fountain into which metal coins are thrown into. The water in these fountains is often crystal clear, and this is a direct result of copper and silver ions in the coins.

Save money
Ionization is cost-effective. It pays once to install the entire system and then for minor replacements on electrodes about once per year. Additionally, chlorine has a corrosive nature. Tools like pool hoses, pool pumps, motors, even the pool cover eventually will experience corrosion with long term chlorine use. When you go chlorine-free with an ionization system, you prolong the overall durability of anything you use in the pool as well.

Fewer chemicals
With a chlorinated pool, you need sanitizers, algaecides, stabilizers, oxidizers, and balance chemicals. The mixing chemicals in water that you expect to submerge your body in may feel like a risky chemistry experiment. When you switch to a chlorine free pool system, the only chemical you truly need is a pH control product. Rarely, in the event of water run-off into the pool, you may need to use oxidizer.

More effective
Choosing ionization to sanitize your pool is, ultimately, more effective than using chlorine. Even NASA published reports on how silver ionization was more effective in purifying water than chemicals. In your pool, though, ionization does not just suppress algae and germs: it kills them by inhibiting cell growth and reproduction.

Are You Ready to Experience the Benefits of Going Chlorine Free?
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