Commercial Pest Control in Plymouth, MA Includes Getting Rid of Mice

by | Jul 3, 2017 | Pest Control


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Do you have a mice infestation in your commercial restaurant or in your home? If so, you need to contact a specialist to take care of the issue. Mice carry disease and can do structural damage so you need to schedule ongoing services to take care of this type of pest.

How Mice Are Eliminated

When you request residential and commercial pest control in Plymouth, MA, you can make progress immediately. Calling out a service will help you learn how to prevent future infestation problems. For example, a technician will show you possible entry points and what bait is the best for catching mice. Also, the proper positioning of traps is important. Bait stations are also used to get rid of mice.

Typically, if you have mice in your house, pest removal services recommend that you position mouse traps perpendicular to the wall. That means that the trigger on the trap should be facing the baseboard. By placing a trap in this manner, the mouse runs right to bait as it is running along the wall. By taking this approach, the trap will not prematurely spring.

Mice Do Not Travel Far From Their Nesting Sites

According to residential and commercial pest control technicians, mice usually do not travel more than 20 feet from a food source or their nesting site. So, you need to place mouse traps anywhere that you see indicators of mice. These signs may include the sighting of droppings along a baseboard. If needed, switch out your trap placement about every two days.

Residential and commercial pest control technicians add that mice will not avoid a trap as a rat does as the animal is naturally curious. In commercial properties, bait stations are used to get rid of mice. These stations hold pellets or meal. When the mice feed on the food, they die. These types of products are best managed and handled by trained technicians.

It is always good to know a pest removal company such as Alamo Pest Control LLC as good sanitation does not necessarily keep mice away. So, you need to make sure that your property stays spotless and always have the number of a qualified exterminator as back-up support.

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