Components to Consider with Waterfalls and Pools

by | Aug 26, 2015 | Swimming Pool & Spa


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Pools are a place of relaxation and fun. These features are easily enhanced with the addition of a waterfall. Waterfalls are unique items custom fitted to the pool. Once installed, they can turn the pool into a very enticing place to spend time. These are a few components to consider when adding in a waterfall to transform the pool.

The overall height of the Waterfalls Pools is something to consider. This height needs to be based on the depth of the pool. Since jumping into too shallow water is a major safety hazard, the waterfall needs to be scaled appropriately to the depth. Even if it is not meant for jumping off, there is still that temptation. In this case, it is better to establish it an area where jumping into the pool is safe.

The type of rocks for the waterfall is another component to consider. Since most waterfalls are inspired by nature, there is usually a mix of smaller stones with larger support stones. The stones are laid out for the waterfall before they are mortared into place. Mixing up colours and sizes will make a waterfall feel natural. Some symmetry can be incorporated for a more formal style. If this area is going to be jumped off, don’t forget that big flat rock necessary for diving.

The way that water flows through the rocks should also be considered with Waterfalls Pools. Water will take the easiest path. This may not always be directly in the pool. If this happens, the water is wasted. Since the waterfall does need to utilize water efficiently, the flow should be tested. This can be the trickiest part of the set up since the water will leak through any holes in the waterfall. Additional directional components may need to be incorporated to prevent leakage outside of the pool.

Waterfalls provide an aesthetic and fun value to the pool. In order to incorporate it correctly, these components need to be considered. Since each individual waterfall is unique, check out for a look at some of the different styles that can be adapted for the pool.

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