Gain a Better Understanding of Water Heaters in Lubbock

by | Aug 24, 2015 | Water Heater


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Water heaters are one of those home devices that stay tucked away and are rarely thought about until they begin to experience problems. Without Water Heaters Lubbock, a home will not have a hot water supply, which makes it difficult to bathe properly or wash dishes and clothing. Though a water heater is meant to last as long as fifteen years, there are problems that can begin to develop before its life expectancy is over. It is imperative homeowners are able to understand the warning signs of water heater issues so they can know when they should call a plumber for repair or replacement.

When homeowners begin to notice problems with their Water Heaters Lubbock, it is imperative they do not try to fix the problems themselves. Though water heaters may seem like fairly straightforward devices, if they are not repaired or installed properly, the devices could pose a danger. It is especially important for gas water heaters to be installed by a plumbing professional to ensure there are no gas leaks in the home.

Water Heaters Lubbock may begin to produce lower amounts of hot water when they are failing. They can also produce reddish-brown water. When these signs are occurring, a homeowner needs to call for a replacement. As the inner lining of the tank begins to corrode, the water will look rusty, and the heating elements will not work as efficiently in keeping the water supply hot. These signs most often mean a tank needs to be replaced because it is reaching the end of its life.

Water Heaters Lubbock will also make strange sounds, such as knocking noises. These sounds occur because the metal has been corroded and has broken loose in fragments. As the fragments heat up, they begin to move around in the tank and cause these strange noises to happen. In most cases, a plumber will end up needing to replace a tank that has corrosion.


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