Consider Cost When Deciding To DIY Or Hire Mowing Services In Houston

by | Jun 3, 2015 | Home And Garden


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If you are like most people, you try and put off doing the chores you must do, which can include cutting the lawn. Therefore, you may have decided to hire out those mowing services in Houston to a company that will handle the hard work for you. However, you probably want to consider whether you are paying more for the company than it would cost to do it yourself.

Materials Needed

The first thing you’ll need to consider is how much the materials will cost. If you already have a lawn mower, you don’t have to pay for that. However, if you don’t, you could wind up paying at least $200 though you may be able to find deals or get a used one for about $75. Then, you’ll need to factor in the oil, gasoline and repairs that you will have to make on the mower, which can be estimated at $50 per season. Figuring all that up, you’ll have to pay $125 for the materials with a $75 mower the first season and $50 all other seasons.

Space For Materials

Next, you need to consider space. If you don’t currently have a shed, you’ll need to get one to keep the mower safe from the elements. This can cost upwards of $1,000 or more. If you already have some place the mower can be stored, you may not have to deal with this expense.

Value of Time

Then, you’ll need to figure out the cost of your time. Figure out how long it will take to mow the lawn and how much you make during regular working hours. If it takes an hour to mow the lawn and you typically make $10 an hour, you would include that amount.

So, you have approximately $125 for the first season, the shed cost and your time and are up to $1,325 for the first season. If you mow your grass 12 times during the season, you will pay $110.42 each mow. After the first season, you’ll be paying about $60 per mow (12 a season).

Cost of Someone Else

When you consider that most mowing services in Houston charge less than $30 per mow, it makes more sense to allow someone else to do the work and pay the price to maintain their equipment.

Mowing services in Houston may not seem cheap, but when you factor in everything it costs to get ready to do it yourself, you may notice a difference.

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