Why Choose LEED Certified Products

by | Jun 1, 2015 | Home Improvement


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At Wolf Gordon, we do more than offer cutting edge designer fabrics and furnishings. Since we opened up shop, we have committed ourselves to providing sustainable products to our customers whenever possible. Customers who visit our website will find that a number of our products are listed as “LEED Certified,” but what exactly does this mean?

What is LEED Certification?

LEED certification is a rating system which verifies that a project or individual is using “green” practices, products, and/or procedures. LEED certification focuses on four factors:

1. Resource efficiency
2. High performance
3. Cost effectiveness
4. Health

The goal of LEED is to ensure that a product or project is beneficial not only to people, but also to the planet and to profits. Those who are planning a LEED certified project know the importance of selecting the right materials. Our company features an array of interior products that have the environmental features necessary to maintain your green building project.

Why LEED Matters

When we develop and design our products, we look at a number of variables, including:

1. The use of recycled content
2. Low VOC emissions
3. Durability

We love creative designs as much as we love protecting the planet. In fact, we are one of the leading companies in our industry in asking each of the mills we partner with to complete a thorough HPD (Health Product Declaration) for all of the products that are manufactured for our company. This means that each manufacturer is must disclose any potential negative health impacts that could result from the ingredients contained within a product.

What about Vinyl?

Vinyl wallcoverings and furnishings have been in the news a lot lately as they have been potentially hazardous in the past. Fortunately, the industry is changing and our company now only works with mills that no longer use lead-based stabilizing agents or PVC. Our vinyl products are phthalate-free and have low-VOC emissions.

Why Your Paint Matters

We have all heard about switching out light bulbs and unplugging our mobile phones and computers to conserve energy. But there are other steps that homeowners can take to build a greener and healthier interior space. One that is seldom considered is changing your paint.

If your paint has VOCs (volatile organic compounds), then it contains a number of chemicals which can be having a negative impact on your health. Formaldehyde, acetone, and benzene have been known to off-gas particles into the air of one’s home which may not only irritate the skin and cause allergy-like symptoms, but it can have a more serious impact on your health. At Wolf Gordon, we offer our customers a range of paints to choose from that are not only healthy, but are on trend and will update your interior living space.