Creating Form And Function With A Home Remodeling Project In San Jose CA

by | Jun 17, 2013 | Remodeling


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Archives are simple ways to combine a return on investment project in your home with a way to live comfortably. When looking for a Home Remodeling San Jose CA company, hire one that can plan with both the long term investment and comfortable living strategies in mind. Make the space usable, functional and appealing without harming your future prospects of selling down the road.

A Home Remodeling San Jose CA project that will help now as well as in the future is to add a pantry to the heart of any home, the kitchen. While shelving and cabinets are a common upgrade, think about ditching some of those shelves and cabinets that are too hard to reach anyway. Cabinetry accounts for the largest portion of expenses in a remodel project and are not as efficient as a pantry.

In most cases, a large bathtub in a bathroom is inviting however, frequently left unused. Popular in Home Remodeling In San Jose CA projects recently have been converting the large bathtubs into more functional ones and adding in roomier showers. In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s a popular design in homes was to increase the size of the tub and decrease the shower. The realization now is that more time is spent in the shower and it needs more room.

In any room that you are considering a remodeling project, plan with furniture placement in mind. Far too often rooms are of a decent size but when you add in a door frame, window treatment and a closet you run out of functional living space. Look for a remodeling project that focuses on space and furniture placement so the room is not cramped.

Any project that has to do with Home Remodeling San Jose CA should have the construction builder’s motto in mind, “measure twice, cut once”. Take time in the planning stages with an experienced designer. Making changes to plans after construction is underway is extremely costly. Try to stick with a box-form design which is cheaper than adding a lot of cosmetic styles in the home. The more gables, materials, windows, high ceilings that are hard to heat and cool, are expensive and are not functional.

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