Evaluating the Superiority of Pulsar® Briquettes

by | Dec 5, 2017 | Business


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Pulsar® Briquettes have several qualities which differentiate them from other chlorinated pool tablets. The most outstanding feature which is noticed immediately is the shape of the tablet. Rather than having the limitations of a cylinder shape, Pulsar® Briquettes are smaller and capable of lying on top of each other in a Pulsar® Feeder, reducing the wasted space of gaps between tablets.

Pulsar® created the briquettes based on three desirable qualities of commercial pool cleaning products.

Reduces Odor

One of the main concerns for a commercial pool company when performing swimming pool water treatment is the comfort of pool patrons. When a commercial pool is treated with liquid bleach, a strong chemical smell can linger afterward, causing bathers discomfort or concern. Some bathers may be reluctant to spend much time in the water if the smell is overpowering.

Pulsar® Briquettes are gradually eroded when used along with a Pulsar® Feeder, and the strong chemical smell that is associated with chlorination  is reduced to a level that is more comfortable for bathers while still assuring cleanliness.

Safer for Equipment and Plaster

Pulsar® Systems specializes in powerful sanitizers that will not affect pool plaster and equipment. Some commercial companies are adverse to using calcium hypochlorite solutions due to the scaling of pool plaster or possible degradation of pool equipment. However, Pulsar® Briquettes have a special additive which reduces scaling. There is no cyanuric acid in Pulsar® Briquettes, further reducing long-term plaster damage.


The most appealing factor of Pulsar® Briquettes is their long shelf-life. Liquid bleach can lose so much potency during storage that it may not be able to properly sanitize a pool after only a few months. Pulsar® Briquettes remove the hassle of constantly resupplying chemicals for swimming pool chlorination.

A Compelling Difference

Commercial pool companies in the United States and Canada maintain high standards for pool patrons. Many commercial pools aren’t simply businesses: they are gathering places for surrounding communities. In order to maintain a connection with their patrons, commercial pool companies focus extensively on safety and providing pools with clear, healthy water. Pulsar® Briquettes remove the inconvenience of liquid bleach chlorination and surpass the standard of effectiveness and safety.