Gutter Guard Basics You Should Know

Gutters do an important job of protecting your roof, walls and foundation from water damage. However, this means it’s subject to a lot of debris buildup. And while you can certainly hire pros to clean your gutters regularly, you could save a lot by putting in a gutter guard in place. Here are a few helpful things to know before you start shopping around for the right one:

What do gutter guards do?
These guards basically help keep your gutters clear of any debris buildup. That helps prevent branches, leaves, and dirt, among other things, from clogging up certain sections of your gutter system. Buildups tend to happen quite often along the elbows so keep that in mind if you suspect clogs in your drainage system. By putting in a gutter guard in place, though, you won’t have to worry about debris finding its way into your gutter system any time soon. As a result, you can save on a lot, since you won’t have to keep paying for the services of a contractor to unclog your gutters.

Different guard types
There are 4 common guard types out there. These include guard types designed with a reverse curve so that it directs water downward. Another type of guard comes with a mesh gutter guard cover. The covering allows water to go into the gutter through small holes, effectively trapping debris on top of the mesh, the Family Handyman says. Another type of guard is the bottle brush type. It’s made of a long brush with bristles. You put this into the gutter so it can block the debris from going any further, all while allowing water to pass through.

The right guards can do a lot to keep your gutters in top form.

Author: Adelfa Abril

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