Eliminate Rodent Problems Using Expert Rat Control Services in Fairfax VA

by | Jun 5, 2017 | Pest Control


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Pests come in all types and sizes from tiny insects such as ants to mammals like squirrels. However, some of the most dangerous pest problems are mice and rats. In fact, the Center for Disease Control lists a variety of rats that transmit diseases. Rat Control Services in Fairfax VA primarily deal with the two most troublesome species for home or property owners, the Roof rat (Rattus rattus) and the Norway rat (Rattus norvegicus). Besides the possibility of disease transmission there is the damage that rats can cause. Rats are notorious for chewing through most materials including wood, plastic and electrical wiring.

One reason that rats can become a problem is that they are seldom seen unless scavenging for food or when the infestation gets large. If food is in abundance, then rats may be forced out of hiding due to limited space. Unfortunately, it is difficult to hide food from these nuisances because of their ability to chew through most materials. Even thin metals may not stand up to their strong teeth. Eliminating these pests can be a challenge since most rat traps only catch the stray individual. Rat Control Services in Fairfax VA are a better choice because these experts use a variety of methods for rodent control.

One of the largest issues with rats is food contamination. This occurs because these pests are always looking for a quick meal or something they can take back to the nest. Experts such as Pest Management Services in Fairfax VA recommend the property owner take simple steps to avoid this problem like placing foodstuffs in secure containers whenever possible and keeping the area clean. A clean food storage will quickly show any signs of an invasion.

Some signs of a rodent problem include gnawed wood, entry holes round the exterior of the building and rodent droppings. Other indications are noises in the walls and rub marks. Rats tend to have oily fur which can smear on the surfaces they touch. Areas to check for rats include outbuildings, garages and attics. Rodents prefer to stay out of sight and secluded spaces like these are great areas for nesting. Once a positive indication is found, then it is time to contact an expert in Rat Control Services in Fairfax VA. Not only can they eliminate the rodent problem, but they can also help with locating entry points and nesting areas. Visit us for more details.