Hiring A Service That Does Residential Pest Control in Providence, RI To Remove Ants

by | Apr 30, 2020 | Pest Control


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When several ants are noticed inside of a home, steps will need to be taken to remove them promptly. Failing to remove ants when they are first noticed can lead to an escalation in a number of the insects present, making it more difficult for their removal as a result. Most people will call a residential pest control in Providence, RI to help in removing ants for good. After the service leaves, steps will need to be taken to ensure ants do not return in the future.

Clean The Interior Of The Home To Keep Ants Away

It is very important that the people inside of the home take the steps needed to remove debris from within the home as ants tend to stick around areas that are not cleaned properly. Vacuuming daily and taking the time to package leftovers, so they are not easily accessible is necessary. It is also best to use a cleaning solution made from vinegar or bleach to remove any scent trails ants may have left behind when they were present inside of the home. These trails will lead other ants to the same areas. Removing them will make it harder for ants to find a food source.

Add Deterrents To The Exterior Of The Home

Adding a barrier, of crushed gravel around the perimeter of the home will help in keeping ants off of the siding. Ants tend to stick with grassy areas instead. Sprinkling talc across the floors of entryways to the house will help to keep ants from trying to get inside. Talc can also be placed on porches and window sills as ants do not like to walk across this powdery substance.

Plug Up Known Holes And Cracks

Any gap within siding will need to be fixed to help keep ants on the exterior of the building. Using caulk will help to provide a barrier so ants are not able to get inside. Bigger holes may necessitate that the homeowner use pieces of flashing to cover the void in its entirety. It is also best to check around windows for areas where ants can slide through. Caulk can be used in these areas as well.

When there is a need to contact a service doing residential pest control in Providence, RI, finding one with great pricing is a benefit. Visit Eco Systems Pest Management to find out more today.